What’s coming in Leaf Node 2024.02? (Minimize to tray and SSL certificate exipry checks)

As with the previous version, here is a small preview of the features coming to the next release of Leaf Node Monitoring.

The next release can minimize to tray and automatically start up (even minimized). This is less intrusive and allows you, the user, to have Leaf Node Monitoring launch at startup and send a notification when stuff is wrong, without any visual disturbance.

When Leaf Node Monitoring automatically starts up you will receive one notification informing you that it has started.

The other new feature is a new check type for expiry of SSL certificates. This will alert you when your certificate is about to expire or is expired. Opening the check will give you information on which specific certificate in the chain is expiring:

You can configure when the check should give a warning and when it should give an error:
As always, no release date yet. When it’s ready, it’s ready. I think it will be this year.