New features planned for v2024.01

A small update on the development of Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01.

Alert History & Stateful monitoring

alert history

The big new feature will be alert history and “stateful” monitoring. In the current release you will get a notification each time a check has an error. In the next release the default behavior will be one notification when the error is detected and one notification when the error is resolved.

This includes a new screen with the history of all alerts, allowing you to see how long the duration of an issue was.


OpenSSL library availabilty

One of the most heard pieces of feedback from users that have compiled Leaf Node Monitoring themselves, especially for Android, was that they have issues with OpenSSL. That is tricky to get right on Android. On Windows and Linux it’s rather easy as it’s an option in the Qt Online Installer.  I’ve added a big fat red notification to indicate if OpenSSL was found runtime and included the version the program was built against. Some Qt installs have OpenSSL 1.1.1, some have 3.0.0.
OpenSSL Error banner
If you execute a HTTPS check you also get a better error message indicating what to do:

OpenSSL Error info

Other new features

If time allows it I want to add a new check for SSL certificate expiration. As with all of the above, when it’s ready, it’s ready. The current version of Leaf Node Monitoring works just fine and sales are steady, so no need to rush something half-baked.