Update check finished, preparing for the initial release

I’m preparing the first initial release of Leaf Node Monitoring. After writing a few articles on the plans and licensing details, I’ve now almost finished the last things I wanted to do before the initial release. I’ve got a rather large TODO list but the feature set I have now is enough to get a version out of the door.

The installer for Windows is finished, using InnoSetup,  a few details like app name/ icon / version in the binary on Windows are done and for most Linux versions I’ve got an AppImage with Qt statically compiled. Runs on Ubuntu 18.04 and up, and of course the source will be delivered to customers, so they can compile it Leaf Node Monitoring themselves on any distro.

Business details are sorted as well, including payment provider, website and not having to register as a company due to not wanting to make a profit, kind of a grey area, but probably fine.

Last but not least, the colour scheme is toned down a bit and I’ve implemented a simple version check in the app, which will show a message if a new version is available. You can turn this message off via the settings. Here is a video showing that setting and the version check. I like the little animation the green bar has, the GIF recording does not show that particularly well:   update check

The version check is implemented as a HTTP request to a text file containing the latest version number. Qt provides a few nice modules to make that easy and asynchronous. QNetworkAccessManager, QNetworkRequest QNetworkReply make this a breeze. In Qml it might be simpler but that is cheating since it’s just JavaScript.

No cryptographic signing or transport layer security is used. To complex for a first version and I can always add that later. The notification is on by default, but I’m doubting if I keep it that way. If you have any thoughts regarding a default update notification, please let me know.



Please also send me any other thoughts and comments. Not sure on the time frame of the release, but as far as technical things, almost ready.